Monday, November 06, 2023

Optimize Your Inventory Live: An Interactive Webinar

Join our live, interactive session on Wednesday, November 8 at 9am Eastern where we'll optimize real inventory data right before your eyes.

Bring your own data for products you want to optimize. We'll input the numbers into our system during the webinar including:
- Daily demand (in Units)
- Demand variability (i.e., standard deviation of daily demand)
- Lead time (in Days)
- Margin - calculated as (sale price - purchase price)/purchase price
To give you an idea, the presenter Dr. Jay Zhou will demo the algorithm using data for one of his SKUs:
- Daily demand: 100 units
- Demand variability: 35
- Lead time: 21 days
- Margin: 45%

You'll see our optimization algorithm at work as we determine live on the webinar:
- Service level targets
- Safety stock requirements
- Ideal re-order quantities

This is a truly hands-on session where you'll get to optimize your own inventory with real recommendations you can implement immediately.
Seats are limited, register now to reserve your spot and prepare your data!

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