Sunday, November 28, 2021

We are hiring data engineers.

We are looking for multiple contractors for a six-month project, Data Engineers, who may work remotely. The role will help us build and maintain a Snowflake data warehouse that captures historical and ongoing business data. The data in the warehouse need to be cleaned, transformed, and merged to generate a holistic view of the business, which will serve as the foundation for downstream value-added in-depth analytics and machine learning.

Build Snowflake data pipeline/ETL jobs to ingest data from text files, relational and non-SQL databases.
Perform ongoing maintenance and administration of the Snowflake warehouse.
Design and implement Snowflake schemas including tables, views, and materialized views.
Understand the data from a business perspective and write SQL scripts based on business logic.
Manage data sharing and data access for business users.
Optimize data storage and warehouse query performance.

Qualifications and Experience
Experience with Snowflake warehouse, data pipeline, Apache Airflow, and ETL tools in an enterprise environment.
Strong experience working with large data sets from multiple sources. Performed tasks including data cleansing, data merge, and aggregation.
Strong SQL and Python programming skills. Knowledge in R programming is a plus.
Experience MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon AWS services (S3, SQS, Lamba, etc.).
Experience with business intelligence tool is a plus.
Experience with machine learning is a plus.

To apply for the position, please send your resume to us at