Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dr. Jiang Zhou's Presentation at UNH Analytics

I shared my analytics experience with a group of students and professors from University of New Hampshire Analytics on February 25. I really enjoyed the interaction with professors and students. The following is the news on UNH Graduate Analytics LinkedIn page.

UNH Graduate Analytics would like to thank Dr. Jiang Zhou for his wonderful presentation this morning, which was part of our Analytics Speaker Series. 

Dr. Zhou highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of using statistical models vs. intuition to solve business problems throughout his 10+ years of experience. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Zhou built a fraud detection model for large banks, which detects 70% more fraud than using business intuition rules alone.

Free Data Sources

Bernard Marr wrote a post Big Data: 33 Brilliant And Free Data Sources For 2016. He gives a list of free data sources provided by governments, social websites and companies including Google and Facebook. The data types include census, climate, financial, health, news, etc. I have found the list very interesting.

Springboard "19 Free Public Data Sets For Your First Data Science Project" has good information about free data sets such as United States Census Data, FBI Crime Data and CDC Cause of Death etc.