Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Featured Company: ZSAnalytics

ZSAnalytics is a business partner bringing advanced process capabilities to its customers at the best possible cost resulting in the highest savings. ZSA provides customer’s access to Productized Analytics, advanced Analysis and subject matter expertise resulting in increased operational efficiency and lowest total operating cost. Their solutions and services have saved our clients hundreds of millions. They include:

  • ZSales: 70% increase in response rate
  • ZClaim: 40% reduction in insurance claim losses
  • ZCheck: 70% reduction in charge off
  • ZCredit: 50% reduction in delinquency rate 
In the following youtube video clips, ZSAnalytics' CEO Chris Sandusky is explaining how ZSA's solutions lower the overall business cost and the advantages of predictive models over intuitive rules in fraud detection.

Lower the Overall Business Cost


Predictive Models vs Intuitive Rules