Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Webinar Invitation: Holistic Inventory Optimization

If you are responsible for a large inventory, I would like to invite you to attend my webinar "Holistic Safety Stock Optimization - Putting the Horse Before the Cart" on Thursday at 2:30 pm, August 12, 2021. Please register here..

I have written an article ) describing the challenge facing companies with large inventory. Tens or hundreds of millions of dollars or more, in addition to their stock prices or market valuation, are at stake depending on the company’s inventory sizes. C-level executives and senior managers want answers to the following critical questions which are both sides of the same coin.

  • How to spend a fixed budget on safety stocks so that the average demand satisfaction for the whole inventory is the highest?
  • How to achieve the desired average demand satisfaction for the whole inventory with the lowest budget of total safety stocks?
In the webinar, I will demonstrate a powerful solution developed by Friesian Analytics. The total inventory value can be reduced significantly without affecting the overall demand satisfaction. The horse (budget) should pull the cart (inventory), not the other way around as it is done by many companies. I look forward to seeing you at the webinar! Thank you.

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