Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Updated Online Chinese Document Analytics Tool

We have updated our free online tool for analyzing Chinese documents: https://aistrike.us/text-analysis.html A user fills in a textbox with the content and click Submit button. The tool identifies words, displays a word cloud picture and calculates a sentiment index for each sentence. Enjoy!

Identifying words in a sentence is necessary. Chinese words in a sentence are next to each other without spaces separating them, e.g. Chinesewordsinasentencearenexttoeachotherwithoutspacesseparatingthem. And yes, the division of words could be ambiguous. For example, "结婚和尚未结婚的" could mean "married and unmarried" ("结婚 | 和 | 尚未结婚的") or "married, monk, unmarried" ("结婚 | 和尚 | 未结婚的") .

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