Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Analytics & AI in Travel North America

Analytics & AI in Travel North America launched by EyeForTravel will take place on March 14-15 at the Hilton Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco, USA. There will be over 350 senior data, analytics, pricing, product development and digital marketing experts from the world’s leading travel companies, the event will explore the strategies for brands to address the biggest opportunity right now – how to conquer hyper-personalization.
Confirmed speakers include Hilton’s SVP of Analytics, Google’s head of AI global product partnerships, Expedia’s Head of Platform – Loyalty, Wyndham Hotel Group’s Vice President of Global Revenue Management Operations and Sales, Carlson Wagonlit’s Principal Data Scientist, and many more.

Attendees can expect to explore insights into the following:

• Harnessing AI and Data to Transform your Loyalty Strategy: Discover how weaving AI into your business, capturing preference data and delivering a truly personalized service will give you the edge in winning loyal customers from your competition

• Overcoming Pricing Peril with Personalized & Real-Time Revenue Generation Tactics: Make the shift to real-time pricing on an individual level, Nail down the use-cases of how to overcome this, forecast like a pro and optimize direct revenue

• Getting Up Close and Personal with the Customer and Capitalize on Every Channel: Use AI to fuel CRM and CS to bring customer data to life at every touchpoint, use the rich and famous on social to avoid brand erosion and secure market share.

• Immersing Yourself in an AI-driven Predictive Future to Seize New Profits: It all comes down to being predictive if you want to turn new profits. Deliver AI-led futures in your company for more efficient internal mechanics and travel customer-centricity

• Driving Real-Time, Hyper-Personalization to Move Your Profit Needle: Delve into new levels of granularity, become the Amazon of travel and deliver the perfect travel itinerary every time for unstoppable loyalty

• Seizing Voice, AR and VR Makes You Grab that Conversion: Be part of the lucky few that benefits from voice enabled search, drive direct bookings and use AR and VR to give your customer the confidence to convert

• Dominating Direct Bookings Through A Mastery of Mobile: Create an AI-enabled mobile product that drives direct bookings, focus on UI and UX that screams out loyalty and bolster your bottom line

• Outclassing your Competition with Total RM and Surge Ancillary Sales: Build state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports ancillary revenue and squeeze every ounce of profit from all revenue streams

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