Sunday, March 22, 2015

The 2015 Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey has launched!

The 2015 Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey has launched. The founder of Rexer Analytics, Karl Rexer, is regarded by as one of 10 Most Influential People in Data Analytics.

Analytic Professionals — Share your views: Participate in the 2015 Data Miner Survey

Data Analysts, Predictive Modelers, Data Scientists, Data Miners, and all other types of analytic professionals, students, and academics: Please participate in the 2015 Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey.

Survey Link:
Access Code: CL72L4It is OK to share this Access Code with others: It can be used by multiple people.
Survey results will be unveiled at the Fall-2015 Boston Predictive Analytics World event.

Rexer Analytics has been conducting the Data Miner Survey since 2007. Each survey explores the analytic behaviors, views and preferences of data miners and analytic professionals. Over 1200 people from around the globe participated in the 2013 survey. Summary reports (40 page PDFs) from previous surveys are available FREE to everyone who requests them by emailing Also, highlights of earlier Data Miner Surveys are available at, including best practices shared by respondents on analytic success measurement, overcoming data mining challenges, and other topics. The FREE Summary Report for this 2015 Data Miner Survey will be available to everyone Fall-2015.

Please tell other data analysis professionals about the survey.

Rexer Analytics is a consulting firm focused on providing data mining and analytic CRM solutions. Recent solutions include customer loyalty analyses, customer segmentation, predictive modeling to predict customer attrition and to target direct marketing, fraud detection, sales forecasting, market basket analyses, and complex survey research. More information is available at or by calling +1 617-233-8185.

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