Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Are 10 Most Influential People in Data Analytics Selected?

I was asked by Gregory at KDnuggets about how I came up with "the 10 Most Influential People in Data Analytics" in my last blog post. The following was my reply.

To select 10 most influential people in data analytics, the following considerations are taken into account regarding an individual's contribution.

  1. The contribution is significant.
  2. The contribution is active/regular.
  3. A large number of people are impacted by the contribution.
  4. The focus is on the non-academic field.

I performed online research first to find qualified people. KDnuggets.com, other websites of social networking, data analytics conferences, consulting firms, and Amazon are just a few examples of good sources for information. I also took advantage of my own network. Being in the industry for 15 years, I have known many great data analytics professionals. They provided me with many names of qualified people. After I compiled a preliminary list, I sent it to a number of experts for their feedback. The final list was the result of several iterations.

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