Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Sampling using SQL

The following SQL scripts create a view by taking 30% random samples from a table.

Step 1 . Create random numbers within range of 0 and 99 (100 bins).
create table tbl_app_id_w_rnd as select app_id, 
mod(abs(dbms_random.random()),100) rnd from CELL_PHONE_SERVICE_APPS;

Step 2. Create a view that contains 30% of the records.
create view v_data_testing
as select a.* from CELL_PHONE_SERVICE_APPS a,
tbl_app_id_w_rnd b where a.app_id=b.app_id and  rnd < 30;

Please see a newer post. dbms_random.value is a better function than dbms_random.random.

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